DXF Converter

When you want to convert dxf files, DXF Converter is the best choice for you. The DXF Converter is the most popular in the market now. It makes so easy of converting dxf files, so that you can make your converting DXF fast and easily with just few clicks and direct instructions.

The DXF Converter is not only a dxf converter, it also can convert to dxf, and convert DWG/DXF files to image files, such as Jpeg, GIF; Convert DWG file to SWF file, you can publish your drawing to the web in Flash file.

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How to convert dxf files?

Download and install DXF Converter, then launch this tool.

dxf converter

Step 1:select from the three types: DWG to DXF, DXF to DWG or Version Conversion.

Step 2:Click the Browse button to select a folder for input files

Step 3:Select output version from the list box, the default value will be current version

Step 4:Click , the convert will begin to convert files.

Note: if you only want to convert a single file, check the option: I only want to covert a single file. The Converter will let you open a file to convert.

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Abbreviation of Data Exchange File, a two-dimensional graphics file format supported by virtually all pc-based CAD products.` It was created by AutoDesk for the AutoCAD system.

DXF files can be either ASCII (DXF) or binary format (DXB).

The OpenDWG Alliance is an association of users and vendors who are committed to the promotion of Autodesk's DWG drawing file format as an open industry standard for the exchange of computer aided design (CAD) drawings.

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